Demerara 14 Rel. 2015

Rum Nation Demerara N° 14 is born from sugar cane molasses in British Guyana, as a skilled blend of various vintages from pot stills (to give it full bodied richness) and column stills (for a lighter backbone of crisp drinkability).

Main aging is in ex-Bourbon American oak barrels for a creamy sweetness, then a 12 months period into fresh sherry butts (Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso) enhances its spicy character. A small percentage of very old Enmore rum is finally added to the blend for further complexity and “dark” character.

Tasting notes

Appearance: Dark orange, almost like chestnut honey.

Nose: Sweet molasses, dark, musty, with a toasted note and a winey and slightly sour hint.

Palate: Its dark sweetness reminds of muscovado sugar. Chestnuts, dark chocolate, raisins, a trace of fermented fruit, but mainly intense sugared coffee.

Finish: Sweet, thick, with a slightly musty note. Winey influence from the sherry casks.

Comment: A robust and sweet rum, in which the sugar content is balanced by a dark and toasted character.

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