BARBADOS 12 y.o.

BARBADOS 12 y.o.

Anniversary Decanter

BARBADOS 12 y.o.

Appearance: Bright orange.

Nose: Like the 10yo but sweeter and more intense: in addition to the hay and herbs, a note of vanilla can be felt. The refreshing character is akin to milk&mint ice cream.

Palate: It tastes sweeter too, with aniseed and orange blossom notes, while retaining the minty and herbal freshness so typical of Barbados rum.

Finish: Sweetness takes a back place, and like in the younger bottling the dominating note is the aromatic freshness of mint.

Comment: Richer, sweeter, thicker, more complex than its younger brother, but the character is similar. Presented in a special decanter encased in a luxury book-shaped gift box.


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