DEMERARA 23 y.o.

DEMERARA 23 y.o.


DEMERARA 23 y.o.

Appearance: Dark amber, almost ruby.

Nose: At first a hint of estery pungency, which evolves into rich organic notes of rhubarb, gentian root, old wooden furniture, ancient wine cellar and full wheat flour.

Palate: Soft, but very rich and balsamic. Moderately sweet, with camphor, black tea and herbal liqueur, with a late hint of cinnamon and tannins.

Finish: It ultimately gets drier and tannic, with evident wood notes. Chamomile tea, and
again cinnamon.

Comment: Old, complex and fascinating, almost thick and viscous after many years spent in a cask. Very balanced, full flavored but also elegant.

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