DEMERARA Solera N.14

DEMERARA Solera N.14

Rel. 2012

DEMERARA Solera N.14

Appearance: Dark amber, with orange nuances.

Nose: Intense, sweet and with a fresh winey touch. Cane sugar, banana, cinnamon, candied oranges, chocolate.

Palate: At first slightly sour, then immediately the cane sugar makes its presence felt, but always balanced by the spicy notes,
especially pepper.

Finish: Getting sweeter and softer, with persistent notes of sugared coffee and liquorice. Its
sweetness is never overwhelming, always well balanced by the spices.

Comment: Intense and tasty but not too heavy, in great balance between sweetness and the spicy and hot character of rums from British Guyana, easy to drink and never cloying.

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