DEMERARA Solera 14

DEMERARA Solera 14

Rel. 2014

DEMERARA Solera 14

Appearance: Orange/amber.

Nose: A smoky scent, almost like barbecue and heavy fuel, not as pungent as a Jamaican rum but very estery and so typical of British Navy style!

Palate: Much sweeter and softer than the nose. Syrupy, but not cloying. Creamy, but also spicy: cinnamon, orange peel, black pepper. Vivid, honeyed and gentle at the same time.

Finish: Still very creamy, with the spice going to the background. Oak, coffee, black chocolate, liquorice and aniseed.

Comment: A walking contradiction: a rum that’s at the same time spicy, smoky, spicy, pungent, very aromatic… and also sweet, velvety, buttery, caressing. A perfect blend.


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