GUATEMALA Gran Reserva

GUATEMALA Gran Reserva

Rel. 2018

Guatemala Gran Reserva NAT77 PRINCIPALE

Appearance: Chestnut honey.

Nose: Flowery, delicate, with the typical perfume of cane sugar, and a hint of buttery character. Dates, raisins, orange rind

Palate: Easy, velvety, warm. Sweet but not syrupy, with notes of vanilla, cola, raisins. Crème brûlée, and a final herbal touch like vermouth, with a hint of orange rind, anise and liquorice.

Finish: Getting more tannic and toasted, with the herbal note and some black pepper coming to the fore. Delicate final burst of warmth.

Comment: One of the lightest rums in our selection, with a pleasantly sweet touch in the Latin style but without ever becoming too sugary.


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