ILHA DA MADEIRA Agricole Millesime

ILHA DA MADEIRA Agricole Millesime

Rel. 2015


Appearance: Warm amber.

Nose: Immediately and obviously “agricole”, with its intense vegetal notes: medicinal herbs, orange blossoms, liquorice, anise, and the typical dark flavour signature that comes from the distillation of whole sugar cane rather than molasses.

Palate: Initially delicate, but it soon packs a punch in terms of taste: sweet but very vegetal, with the rich character of cane sugar matched by leafy notes and even a salty hint from the sea. Dates, raisins, bergamot, liquorice, but also an intensely peppery taste and a noticeable touch of tannins.

Finish: Increasingly drier, with the pepper and the vegetal and oaky notes growing more intense. In the end the saltiness remains on the tongue to invite to another sip.

Comment: Deceivingly lighter than other “agricole” rums, and quite soft and well-behaved, but then as flavourful and robust as expected. A great introduction to the world of more complex rums.

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