ILHA DA MADEIRA Natural Agricole

ILHA DA MADEIRA Natural Agricole

Rel. 2017


Appearance: Transparent, crystal clear.

Nose: Initial maritime attack, with slightly sour notes: green olives in brine, yoghurt, wet grass. All the vegetable notes of sugarcane, with a fresh and balsamic touch.

Palate: Robust but rounded, with the sweetness of the canes on the forefront, then growing on spicy and balsamic notes: mint, liquorice, cinnamon, white pepper. A hint of the vegetable and salty notes found at the nose.

Finish: Clean, peppery and vegetal. High persistence on notes of liquorice root.

Comment: Perfect for cocktails (maybe with a drop of vermouth), but its smoothness makes it interesting and not aggressive at all even straight or simply with ice cubes. Refreshing and minty.


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