JAMAICA 21 y.o.

JAMAICA 21 y.o.

Supreme Lord IV

JAMAICA 21 y.o.

Appearance: Old gold with peach nuances.

Nose: A starting puff of wood and cocoa, then liquorice, acetone and banana run after each other to turn out in a perfect mix.

Palate: A full and harmonious attack, complicated, which starts up an outstanding progression where spiced, roast and sweet flavors alternate in an irresistible crescendo.

Finish: Very persistent, it lingers with its initial aromas to present unexpected notes of peppers and green tomato, moreover, while sour scents start to lessen, the cane of sugar appears in a swirl of colours and flavours of the Caribbean islands.

Comment: It is as charming as a high fashion clothing presented at a Paris defile’e: classy, elegant, lively and unpredictable. Simply a must for the “connoisseurs”.

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