JAMAICA 23 y.o.

JAMAICA 23 y.o.

Supreme Lord VII

JAMAICA 23 y.o.

Appearance: Orange/amber, deep and bright.

Nose: Very aromatic, powerful. Sweetness and oak spiciness galore. Wood polish, wax, chinotto, cola nut extract. Strongly brewed Earl Grey tea. Dark chocolate.

Palate: Rich and juicy, greatly balanced between the dark sweetness of molasses and the
aromatic depth of bitter medicinal herbs. Balsamic. Cloves, cinnamon, black pepper.

Finish: Still sweet and luscious, but with an increasing impression of black liquorice and gentian liqueur.

Comment: This new small batch release of our most prestigious old rum is a battleship loaded with intensity, syrupy thickness and a mind-blowing array of spicy aromas which are at the same contrasting and marvelously integrated.


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