JAMAICA 25 y.o.

JAMAICA 25 y.o.

Supreme Lord VIII


Appearance: Copper.

Nose: Starting on intense estery notes of fermented fruit, with the typical funkiness of heavy Jamaican rums. Intense, but also sweet and not aggressive. Dried raisins, glue, cola, medical rubber bandages.

Palate: Winey and fruity, but much drier than expected. Very spicy and peppery, with a pleasant amount of tannins from the casks. Again a big estery character, plus notes of gentian root and other bitter medicinal herbs. Tar and a hint of smokiness.

Finish: Long, hot, always heavy on the funky, spiced and fermented fruit notes.

Comment: A powerhouse of a rum, in which the typical Jamaican funky aromas explode supported by the cask strength degree.


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