JAMAICA 26 y.o.

JAMAICA 26 y.o.

Supreme Lord VI

JAMAICA 26 y.o.

Appearance: Dark ruby, lively and very intense.

Nose: Soft and caressing sweetness, with intense notes of beeswax, oak, pepper and cloves. Very rich in esters.

Palate: Spicy (camphor, pepper, black tea), but the pungent feeling of many Jamaican rums is completely tamed by the incredibly soft fruity sweetness which reminds of cola, chocolate and bergamot.

Finish: Warm, chewy, infinitely long and satisfying. The notes of very sugared black and red tea become even more evident.

Comment: Skillful blending of barrels, with a large percentage of ex-sherry casks, brought the British style of this rum to unrivalled levels of complexity, delicateness and fullness. The sweetness from the molasses is thus wonderfully enriched by the intense influence of the very long aging in oak.

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