JAMAICA 7 y.o. Cask Strength

JAMAICA 7 y.o. Cask Strength

Limited Edition


Appearance: Intense gold.

Nose: The alcoholic strength is evident but not overwhelming. Strong notes of cinnamon, orange rind, camphor, nutmeg. The typical Jamaican aroma of esters and fermented fruit.

Palate: Definitely dry, with no evidence of sugary residue. Extremely peppery, rich with cinnamon, cloves, liquorice and medicinal herbs. Intense, raw, enveloping.

Finish: Very dry, with a long lingering taste of aromatic herbs and cooking spices, and a slightly vegetal and salty aftertaste.

Comment: A Jamaican rum in its most natural presentation: bottled at full proof, at the same strength it comes out from the barrels. For those looking for strong and raw experiences.


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