JAMAICA 8 y.o. Pot Still

JAMAICA 8 y.o. Pot Still

Rel. 2015

JAMAICA 8 y.o. Pot Still

Appearance: Bright gold.

Nose: Intensely estery but well rounded; rich of dried raisins, cinnamon, a hint of wood and a faintly organic and farmy touch.

Palate: Similar to the nose, with cinnamon and raisins to complement the typical Jamaican funkiness. Not exceedingly sweet, but rich and creamy. Chamomile, aromatic herbs.

Finish: Getting spicier, oakier and drier, with notes of liquorice.

Comment: Intensity and velvety refinement. A muscular but chewy and smooth rum, where the British style is slightly tamed by the Oloroso casks.

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