PANAMA 21 y.o.

PANAMA 21 y.o.

Rel. 2016


Appearance: Full orange, with ruby red reflections.

Nose: Big influence of the sugarcane, deep, dark, brooding, with a winey hint from the sherry and brandy casks.

Palate: Heavy notes of sugarcane, a very rich and estery rum. Intense sweetness, with dates, raisins, honey and chocolate, then becoming more aromatic: medicinal herbs, cinchona, bergamot, black tea and coffee.

Finish: More and more spicy, with cinnamon and pepper. The sweetness strikes a perfect balance with the oaky influence. Long, everlasting, chewy and thick.

Comment: A wonderful old Spanish-style rum, rich in sugar content but with a deep and refined influence from the casks. Ideal for connoisseurs of the sweet Latin style looking for complexity and spice too.


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