PERUANO 8 y.o.

PERUANO 8 y.o.

Rel. 2014

PERUANO 8 y.o.

Appearance: Deep amber with orange nuances.

Nose: Deep, sweet, very soft. Molasses influence is evident, together with notes of cola and chinotto. Not particularly explosive, but refined and subtle.

Palate: Fully bodied, it perfectly showcases the sweetness of molasses with notes of chocolate and sugared coffee. A hint of bergamot flavoured tea and candied fruit.

Finish: Honeyed and sweet, but also clean and compactly direct. Alcohol can be felt, but never overpowering the creamy character. Again, notes of cola.

Comment: Sweet, easy and lightweight aromas for a rum that doesn’t forget to exhibit a nice body either. Suited for all palates, pleasant but never trivial.


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