PERUANO 8 y.o.

PERUANO 8 y.o.

Rel. 2015

Peruano 8yo rel 2015 NAT10

Appearance: Deep amber with orange nuances.

Nose: Almost buttery, very sweet and smelling of fresh sugarcane juice. Toffee, milk chocolate.

Palate: Rich and intense, yet never sharp. The kind of full bodied intensity which coats the tongue and caresses it. Raisins, figs, dates, but the sweetness is matched by a hint of spiciness: cinnamon, pepper, and pleasant oak tannins.

Finish: Getting more peppery and oaky, but always velvety, syrupy and extremely sweet. Cola and black sugared tea.

Comment: An easy and sweet rum which doesn’t forget to have a robust body and to tingle the palate with a touch of spice.


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