Rare Rums special selection

Rare Rums special selection

Almost a year after the initial presentation of the first bottlings in the limited Rare Rums series, and now that the selection has already grown to quite a respectable number of releases, Rum Nation finally has a dedicated website for these very special rums: www.rarerums.com

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Built around the same minimal and elegant color scheme of the labels and packaging tubes, this new website has the very important purpose of helping retailers and collectors in cataloguing all releases in the Rare Rums series, with all the required details such as:

  • distillery
  • aging (tropical or continental, type of cask)
  • years of distillation and bottling
  • ABV
  • total number of bottles

All releases in the Rare Rums series are limited editions of very few bottles, with very small allocations to each country they are made available for sale in. In addition to this, each bottling is different and unrepeatable, capturing a specific snapshot of each distillery and a very unique taste, which heightens the importance of presenting a constantly evolving archive of current and past releases for the most thorough collectors and completists who don’t want to miss even one of the rarest bottling.

Please visit our www.rarerums.com website, to remained updated on all the new releases from the best distilleries in Demerara, Jamaica, Reunion… and many more countries to come!