RÉUNION 7 y.o. Agricole

RÉUNION 7 y.o. Agricole

Rel. 2016


Appearance: Intense gold.

Nose: Intense, spicy, very warm and marked by notes of herbs, black tea and chamomile. A hint of oak.

Palate: Warm, rich, full bodied. Cloves, aniseed, camphor, orange peel; peppery and mineral notes. The sweetness of the sugarcane is noticeable but never syrupy. Infusion of medicinal herbs, and a note of vanilla.

Finish: Getting more intense, but balanced and refined, with the herbal and spicy notes growing more evident.

Comment: A very complex rum, in which the typically vegetal note of agricole rums is well matched by the sweetness of the sugarcane and the influence from the oak. Ideal for whisky lovers who want to approach the world of rums.


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