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The canes are squeezed into the mills and fresh sugar cane juice, will ferment for 48 hours with the help of yeast. The fermented juice is distilled in 3 column stills, all in copper Barbet brand, which are each 7.5m high and each with 15 trays. As the diameter of the stills are different, the rum produced also has different palates. It’s the combination of the runs of the 3 stills that give rise to this rum of peculiar flavour. This rum was distilled in 2015, and aged in French oak barrels, each with 225 litres. As the distillery is very close to the sea, and due to 3 years in casks, the rum acquires a salinity that differs from other rums. It is without any added sugar, caramel or other ingredients.

Tasting notes

Appearance: Warm amber.

Nose: Immediately and obviously “agricole”, with its intense vegetal notes: medicinal herbs, orange blossoms, liquorice, anise, and the typical dark flavour signature that comes from the distillation of whole sugar cane rather than molasses.

Palate: Initially delicate, but it soon packs a punch in terms of taste: sweet but very vegetal, with the rich character of cane sugar matched by leafy notes and even a salty hint from the sea. Dates, raisins, bergamot, liquorice, but also an intensely peppery taste and a noticeable touch of tannins.

Finish: Increasingly drier, with the pepper and the vegetal and oaky notes growing more intense. In the end the saltiness remains on the tongue to invite to another sip.

Comment: Deceivingly lighter than other “agricole” rums, and quite soft and well-behaved, but then as flavourful and robust as expected. A great introduction to the world of more complex rums.

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