Ilha Da Madeira Natural Agricole

This is also our first rum from Madeira, made at the Engenho do Norte distillery with traditional artisanal methods, using old steam-operated machinery dating back to the 19th century. It is distilled in three massive French “Barbert” stills with a 7.5 meter-high copper column from fermented pure sugarcane juice, in a fully “agricole” style. No oak casks have been used for its maturation, which only consists of three months of rest in stainless steel tanks to smoothen the edges and retain its clean character. Its sweet, fresh and minty notes are enriched by a hint of salinity at the palate, perhaps due the influence of the proximity to the sea.

Tasting notes

Appearance: Transparent, crystal clear.

Nose: Initial maritime attack, with slightly sour notes: green olives in brine, yoghurt, wet grass. All the vegetable notes of sugarcane, with a fresh and balsamic touch.

Palate: Robust but rounded, with the sweetness of the canes on the forefront, then growing on spicy and balsamic notes: mint, liquorice, cinnamon, white pepper. A hint of the vegetable and salty notes found at the nose.

Finish: Clean, peppery and vegetal. High persistence on notes of liquorice root.

Comment: Perfect for cocktails (maybe with a drop of vermouth), but its smoothness makes it interesting and not aggressive at all even straight or simply with ice cubes. Refreshing and minty.

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Ilha da Madeira




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