Guatemala Gran Reserva

A high quality rum from molasses, fermented and distilled in a column still at Destiladora del Alcoholes y Rones, S.A. Tululà. Once distilled, the rum is transported to North East Guatemala in ex-bourbon white oak barrels, in which it undergoes maturation at 185 meters above sea level for at least 4 years in the Hondo river region. This choice of place, with high humidity, allows a very fast and intense maturation, because Rio Hondo is one of the warmest areas of Guatemala, with an almost tropical climate. The result is one of the lightest rums in our collection, in a full Latin style with its typical sweetness and fragrant notes of vanilla and raisins, but with a medium body and moderate sugariness.

Tasting notes

Appearance: Chestnut honey.

Nose: Flowery, delicate, with the typical perfume of cane sugar, and a hint of buttery character. Dates, raisins, orange rind

Palate: Easy, velvety, warm. Sweet but not syrupy, with notes of vanilla, cola, raisins. Crème brûlée, and a final herbal touch like vermouth, with a hint of orange rind, anise and liquorice.

Finish: Getting more tannic and toasted, with the herbal note and some black pepper coming to the fore. Delicate final burst of warmth.

Comment: One of the lightest rums in our selection, with a pleasantly sweet touch in the Latin style but without ever becoming too sugary.

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