Jamaica White Pot Still

Rum Nation Jamaica Pot Still is a flavourful, spicy and very fruity 100%-pot still rum from a historical distillery in St. Catherine, Jamaica. Not aged in oak, and bottled at 57% to preserve its pure character and vibrant intensity while retaining the typical luscious smoothness and sturdier body of pot still distillation. A spicy, estery and aromatic rum for adding character and flavour to cocktails… but also a mind-blowing experience for connoisseurs, who are bold enough to give it a try neat or with a drop of water, to fully enjoy the mind-boggling power of heavy jamaican rum.

Tasting notes

Appearance: Shiny and crystal clear.

Nose: Incredible aromatic impact from the esters due to the long and slow fermentation: glue, green bananas, wood polish, and a slightly sour note.

Palate: Intense, explosive, but not sharp. Like the nose, but sweeter. Notes of pepper, green olives, and then it turns vegetal: aromatic herbs, palm leaves, freshly sawed wood.

Finish: Persistent, almost endless. It retains notes of glue and green vegetables, with a suggestion of smoke, grappa and tequila.

Comment: A new entry for Rum Nation, a mind-blowingly intense and characterful rum, capable of bringing personality to every cocktail but also delicious for sipping.
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