PANAMA 21 y.o.

PANAMA 21 y.o.

Rel. 2014

PANAMA 21 y.o.

Appearance: Full orange with ruby nuances.

Nose: Fresh, fragrant and sweet. Dried figs and dates, Virginia tobacco, Pedro Ximenez wine.

Palate: Soft, velvety, never pungent or, on the, contrary, too thick. Chocolate, candied oranges and orange liqueur. Again we find dried figs, dates, and mixed tropical fruits. Very drinkable.

Finish: Just a touch of pepperiness to contrast the very smooth, moderately sweet and easy character.

Comment: An aged rum that manages to stay fresh and not too heavy. The soft and fresh style is quite unusual for such an old rum, which remains stimulating and lively, and devoid of excessive wood influence.


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